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Has your dentist sent you to us for treatment? At Park Lane Dental Specialists in downtown Halifax, we provide specialized dental treatments not normally available at family dental clinics. With extensive experience in periodontics, prosthodontics, and other specialties, along with an in-house dental laboratory, we are well poised to serve the special needs of dental patients in Halifax.

Take a look through our services and learn more about how we can help.


Have you been referred to our office for periodontal treatment? Take a look at the services we offer to keep your gums and mouth healthy.


Has your dentist referred you to us for prosthodontic treatment? Learn more about what we do.


Do you need to have your teeth straightened, or do you suffer from overbite? Learn more about our orthodontics services.

Dental Implants

Has your dentist recommended dental implants as a tooth replacement option for you? Learn more about implants and how they work.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you looking to make aesthetic improvements to the appearance of your smile? Read about our cosmetic dentistry services.

Oral Hygiene/Cleaning

How long has it been since your last professional cleaning? Learn more about how regular cleaning prevents gum disease.


Do you wear dentures or are you considering them as an option? Read about our denture services.

Dental Restorations

Do you need replacement teeth or repairs to existing teeth? Learn more about how dental restorations can give you back your original smile.


Are you suffering from chronic headaches or jaw pain? Learn about TMJ disorder and how it is treated.

If you’d like to learn more about our dental services, or if you have been referred to us and would like to book an appointment, call us today.