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Cosmetic dental procedures allow you to make positive changes to the appearance of your teeth and gums, helping you smile with confidence. At Park Lane Dental Specialists we combine our expertise in specialized dentistry with experience in restoring and enhancing our patients’ smiles. Read more about the treatments you may receive if you have been referred to us for cosmetic dentistry.


Think of veneers as very thin shells that are placed over your teeth. Veneers are used in situations where the shape, colour or spacing of your teeth needs to be enhanced. With veneers we can cover misshapen or stained teeth, or we can close wide gaps between teeth. They are very strong and resistant to stains, and can be shaded to match your other teeth.

When we place veneers we would begin with a consultation on the change you hope to achieve with the veneers. Then we would take an impression and images of your mouth and existing teeth to be used as the foundation for the veneers. After we take the impression we would prepare your teeth for the veneers by possibly removing some enamel. This ensures that the veneers will fit properly.

Once the veneers are produced we would fit them to your mouth and check them for appearance. If they are satisfactory we would cement them into place and the procedure is over.

Ceramic Crowns

Ceramic crowns are a special high-quality crown that looks almost exactly like a natural tooth. Ceramic crowns are used in situations where we need to make a cosmetic improvement to a tooth that is badly discoloured or damaged. Once in place, a ceramic crown is virtually indistinguishable from the natural teeth around it.

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